Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Attorneys Newport News WilliamsburgThere are numerous laws designed to protect consumers when making important purchases or facing financial difficulty, from the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to Virginia’s lemon law. It is important to choose an attorney with the knowledge and experience to help these laws work for you. The attorneys of Collins & Hyman have worked for the big financial institutions and have the knowledge to vigorously defend or prosecute your consumer related claims.

While debt can be a necessity at certain stages in life, it can also threaten to destroy your quality of life if not handled appropriately. When you hit financial difficulty, facing aggressive debt collectors is the last thing you need to worry about. Fortunately, debt collectors, including mortgage loan servicers, must follow strict rules in how they engage in the practice of collecting debts to prevent abusive practices. If you have been harassed by debt collectors, our attorneys can help you understand your rights and litigate to protect them. If you have been sued by a lender, whether wrongfully or not, the attorneys at Collins & Hyman can help resolve the issue and defend you in the litigation. If you have discrepancies on your credit report, we can help you get them corrected and get your financial future back on track.
Most people don’t think about most of the purchases they make on a daily basis and their rights associated with those transactions. However, when you make a significant financial investment in an product, you want it to work as intended and as described. Virginia protects its consumers in many circumstances from defective products. This includes new vehicles that do not work properly, which are commonly referred to as “lemons”. In many cases, there may be sales contracts or warranties that a seller has violated to the detriment of the consumer. In these situations, Collins & Hyman is prepared to explain your rights and protect your financial investment in your personal property.